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功能 Medicine 哥伦布 Ohio

功能 Medicine 哥伦布, OH

功能 MeDICINE solves problems

functional medicine professionals at Donaldson Health are more proactive than reactive.  We focus on healthspan more than lifespan. We address root causes instead of the latest symptoms. We are experts in gut health, 激素, 营养, 生育能力, 长寿, 表演, 减肥, sexual wellness and feeling better!

功能 medicine allows us to take our time in every consultation. We consider key history, 审查科学结果,并向每位患者提供详细的行动计划,我们将帮助他们完成. As our patients make progress, they notice that confidence improves, 能量的增加, 态度转变, 脂肪消退, 肌肉加强, libido enhances and choices become more productive and deliberate. 这 is your best next step toward healthfulness.

Donaldson 功能 Medicine patient

的 Differences Between Conventional Medicine & 功能 Medicine

医院和传统的诊所非常适合澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网急性病.  Patients with specific complaints are diagnosed and treated, one after the next. 在最好的情况下, workups are quick and focused, treatment is definitive and follow-up is unnecessary; in the worst cases, patients get lost in the shuffle, 错误是难免的, 跳过步骤, diagnoses are inaccurate or inconclusive and treatments are ineffective or even harmful. 无论哪种方式, many patients complain that the process involves excessive paperwork, minimal face time with providers, an over-reliance on technology and typically, 很多钱……

That is traditional medicine.

But what if a patient’s complaint isn’t specific: feel lousy, 感到疲劳, sore in the morning, don’t feel like having sex, 没那么开心, 生育能力不强? Maybe there is curiosity about what “optimal” looks like and living as long as possible. What if the situation is nebulous and time-consuming? What if a person wants to sit down with a doctor and start from the very beginning? What if the desire is to consider a multitude of factors from lifestyle, family history and professional stressors, 年龄, 营养 and 激素? What if being proactive appeals more than being reactive, or treating the problem appeals more than treating the symptom?…

这 is functional medicine.

What You Can Expect Out Of Your Experience


的 Types of Concerns We Address

  • Your Hormones Just Feel "Off"

    Your energy, your mood, your cycles, & your weight — they can all fluctuate to signal hormonal changes. 我们花时间给你配上正确的计划,平衡你身体的化学信使.

    is functional medicine.

  • You Have A Frequently Upset Stomach

    If your microbiome is disrupted, certain triggers could be causing GI flare-ups. We provide the support, 控制和测试,找出你的胃痛的根源,帮助你治愈你的漏肠.

    is functional medicine.

  • You're Having Trouble Losing Weight

    的 scale won’t move, nothing seems to be working anymore. We pinpoint why you aren’t losing weight, create a tailored plan that moves the needle and leads to 减肥.

    is functional medicine.

  • You're Not Getting Answers You Need

    你所经历的变化没有得到任何解释——只是被认为是“正常的”.”  If you know there is something deeper going on, we will work with you to uncover it.

    is functional medicine.

  • Your Symptoms Are "Insignificant"

    你的症状不太符合诊断标准,所以医生告诉你这些不重要. 与其坐等事态恶化,我们现在就发现你的问题,并努力扭转它们.

    is functional medicine.

  • You Want A Longer Lifespan

    You may be healthy, but you want to know how to optimize and live even longer. We start by looking at different health dimensions, then find unique ways to ensure you have even more great days.

    is functional medicine.

  • Your Romance Isn't 的 Same Anymore

    Sex used to come naturally, but it hardly stays that way forever. Your sexual health is an important part of you. 我们帮助确定性功能障碍的原因,并提供澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网,以彻底解决它.

    is functional medicine.

  • 男人opause Is Making You Miserable

    你不必“熬过”更年期——现在就有真正的解决办法可以帮助你. 我们有效地澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网和管理围绝经期症状,让您再次感觉像你一样.

    is functional medicine.

  • You're Having Difficulty Becoming Pregnant

    Fertility is complicated, what works for one person is not universal. If you’re looking to naturally improve your 生育能力, we’ll help you ready your body and mind to maximize your chances of conception.

    is functional medicine.


性的健康 Services

我们采取全面的方法来制定个性化的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网计划,解决与女性有关的敏感问题. 最常, these include decreased libido, discomfort during intercourse, hormonal changes and aesthetic preferences. Sex is meant to be enjoyed! Our specialists can help bring comfort and confidence back to the bedroom.

learn more about sexual wellness


You Deserve 健康


无论你是20多岁还是60多岁,荷尔蒙失衡都会影响你的日常生活. 我们在这里了解您的感受,并提供正确的生物激素替代澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网,帮助您重新找回自己!



No two bodies are exactly alike. 我们富有同情心的团队与您一起创造一种生活方式和饮食公式,您可以在不牺牲您喜欢的东西的情况下维持.


GI & 消化系统健康

的 digestive system has a significant influence on our overall health. 我们的专家使用基于证据的策略来帮助你克服肠道健康障碍,让你每天都感觉很棒.


Male 激素疗法

Testosterone Replacement 的rapy can help men rediscover the energy, strength and focus that they once had. Combined with healthy lifestyle changes, 男性激素疗法可以帮助男性像年轻时一样充满活力地拥抱生活.



We guide women with sound strategies to enhance their chances of conception. Our experts specialize in 生育能力 optimization and healthy pregnancy planning, 同时也解决了一些微妙的问题,比如月经不规律和无法解释的流产.


长寿 & 健寿

It’s not just about living long — it’s about living better. You feel good today, but what if you could feel better tomorrow? 通过个性化的健康计划获得竞争优势,该计划不仅可以澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网您的健康问题,还可以预防未来的健康问题.


功能 Medicine Expert, Dr. 玛格丽特韦斯顿

Meet 玛格丽特韦斯顿, MD

DOUBLE Board-Certified
功能 Medicine Expert, IFMCP

“的 Key Is Living ‘Well” — Not Just Living ‘Long'”

Born and raised in Ohio, Dr. 韦斯顿是顶尖的 functional medicine doctor in 哥伦布 with 17 years of experience in family and sports medicine. Dr. 韦斯顿将现代传统医学与经过验证的功能方法结合起来,找到症状的根本原因,优化您的生活方式,让您重新找回自我.

认识医生. 韦斯顿更好

Ready to Uncover What's Been Holding You Back?

你今天所做的生活方式的改变将为你明天更快乐、更健康做准备. 我们邀请您预约我们的功能医学专家的第一次咨询,看看我们如何帮助您过上更舒适的生活.

Frequently Asked Questions

绝对. 我们认识到为您提供灵活管理医疗费用的重要性. Using your HSA is not only welcomed but encouraged at our practice, so that you may receive the specialized care you need, while also enjoying the tax benefits your HSA provides.

不幸的是, 因为大多数保险模式都以澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网现有疾病而不是预防疾病为导向, functional medicine is not typically covered under the current system.

We have chosen a straightforward billing model with out-of-pocket payment. 这使我们能够简化您的体验,并提供超出您的保险可能涵盖的限制的护理.

To ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request upfront payment. 这使我们能够专注于您的幸福,没有任何分心或要求您做出财务决定.

这也使我们能够为您提供独特的保证,即不会有额外的费用或意外的账单. As we work together to unravel your health story, 任何必要的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网或测试都包含在您的初始投资中.

然而,我们明白,任何前期投资都需要考虑重要因素. That is why we offer flexible financing options for functional medicine patients.


Your investment covers all the costs of all consultations, 考试, 实验室测试, 办公室访问, telehealth and follow-up appointments. Any medications prescribed will be sent to your preferred pharmacy, coverage may vary depending on your insurance.

We curate personalized supplement recommendations tailored to your treatment plan; while these supplements are not included, they are available to pick up through our office for your ease.

是的 — thanks to advances in diagnostic testing capabilities and telehealth technologies, we can serve patients using virtual consultations.

We have successfully worked with patients throughout the entire state of Ohio, including:


  • 辛辛那提
  • 哥伦布
  • 代顿
  • 克利夫兰
  • 马里斯维尔镇
  • 芬德利
  • 托莱多
  • 博林格林
  • 亚克朗市

No — our approach is far more nuanced! While we do conduct thorough testing to understand your unique health challenges, our approach to testing is to only order what is needed.

您可以确信,我们订购的任何测试都是为了揭示您的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网计划的见解. Specialized tests like lipid panels, 荷兰测试, bloodwork and other examinations can be great tools, but only if they deliver the information necessary to give you control over your wellness.

在测试之后, 我们与每个功能正常的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台建立了清晰的沟通,以了解哪些是有效的,哪些是需要改变的. 别担心,我们喜欢花额外的时间来解释你的结果,并详细解释每个数据点的含义!

是的. We value the information from your previous lab results, 把它们作为基线来更好地了解你的整体健康史是很有帮助的.

然而, to ensure the most accurate and personalized care, we will also conduct our own set of labs, designed to delve deeper into your present health concerns. We will interpret the results from both sets, 解释随着时间的推移而发生的变化或确定趋势和重要的相似之处.


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